Senior Graphic Designer

YO! Hirata Donut

A1 Hirata Donut Poster_Print-01_Small.jpg

Hirata Donut Ice Cream Promo 

For the summer promotion at YO!, I created a fun and fresh look at feel to match the deliciousness that is the Hirata Donut. A deep fried donut bun paired with soft scoop ice cream with Pistachio, Miso Caramel and Kinako powder.

Making the dish the Hero of it's own summer story, I used comic book influences to add speech bubbles and playful copy 'Don't have a melt down". To emphasise the flavour of the dish, I used the cool green colour to pop against the white ice cream. 


Ice Cream Menu for Southbank restaurant

Ice Cream Menu for Southbank restaurant

Ice Cream Menu Reverse

Ice Cream Menu Reverse


To promote in restaurant, I created menu fans that would have a hero image from the creative and on the back a menu for the customer to select from. 

In outside seating areas, this would allow customers to fan themselves in the Summer heat. 

Animation for the plasma screen content in restaurant, promotion the dish.