Senior Graphic Designer

YO! NYC branding & menu design

NYC Menu Design, a cooler, bolder YO!

NYC Menu Design, a cooler, bolder YO!


For the special opening of YO! NYC I  developed a special brand for this iconic location, which featured a special edition menu.

Exec Chef Mike Lewis, discovered the dishes in Japan, where he then curated the dishes to become the NYC menu. Using the idea of curation and discovery, I developed the overall campaign creative for this launch.


Each dish was adapted and crafted for the New York restaurant. Telling the story through the restaurant touch points, including placemats that feature the provenance of the dish, and the exterior posters that highlight the new dishes and are interchangeable to show the range.

I developed the campaign creative, menu, in store posters and pos and digital plasma content for this project.


The layout makes it easier to find hot & cold dishes.

The layout makes it easier to find hot & cold dishes.

The NYC menu features for a Chef recommends section, highlighting the dishes with provenance messaging throughout the menu. I also sectioned the menu into Hot Street food and Salads, Sashimi & Sushi to make it easier for the customer to order and navigate the dishes on the belt. 

Interchangeable window posters, feature large photography to grab the customers attention and focus on food. Complete with dish descriptions to entice the tastebuds.

Through the use of placemats, individual dishes and specials are highlighted with beautiful photography and provenance stories.

A range of in restaurant plasma screen content highlighting the dishes. This has been successful in enticing the customer to try new dishes.