Creative Designer & Illustrator
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YO! NYC Shopfront Design

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Tasked in making YO! Flatiron more inviting and stand out from the local competition, I designed a set of window graphics, playing on the restaurants cheeky side.  I created a window inviting passerby's to check out the conveyor belt. The peep-through frame and messaging "Our belt is bigger than yours!"  invites people to take a peak and creates intrigue in the the unique experience of YO!. Copy such as"Eat, Drink, Repeat" and "Ra-Ra-Ra-men" allows the restaurant to break away from it's very sterile frontage and have a personality instead. 

I based the concept on Japanese manga, highlighting the fun quirky side of YO! whilst keeping that cool Japanese vibe. Through copy, I explained a bit about the concept of the restaurant and the different food that can be found inside.